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Angry Birds Space


Angry Birds Space Game Information

Game Description:
Everyone knows about the super popular Angry Birds series of video games.  If you haven"t played any Angry Birds games then you are definitely missing out on some addiction action.  Well maybe you haven"t played Angry Birds because you don"t have an iPhone or iPad.  But that is all about to change with the Angry Birds Space flash game.  In Angry Birds Space the Angry Birds adventure continues in the second half of utopia.  In Angry Birds Space you want to try and defeat the space pigs.  Angry Birds Space has 2 new characters for you to play with.  One of the new Angry Birds characters you can use in Angry Birds Space is the never before seen space egg.  So get ready for some awesome Angry Birds fun and try out the Angry Birds Space flash game.  You won"t be disappointed.

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