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Angry Birds Pigs Out


Angry Birds Pigs Out Game Information

Game Description:
Unless you"ve been hiding out for the last several years you have no doubt heard about the popular iPhone, iPad and Android games called Angry Birds.  Angry Birds Pigs Out is another awesome physics based Angry Birds game for you to play.  In Angry Birds Pigs Out you need to use a very good strategy if you want to make your way through the levels.  The opening levels are very easy to get you in the groove of how to play Angry Birds Pigs Out but believe me....the levels of Angry Birds Pigs Out start to get very challenging after the first two levels are completed.  The Angry Birds have had about enough of the Pigs and now its time to get rid of them.  You need to try to clear the pigs off of the screen using the fewest amount of cuts as possible.  Also on some levels there will be other Angry Birds mixed in with the pigs.  You need to get rid of the pigs but don"t lose the Angry Birds.  You also only have a limited number of cuts to use in each level.  The fewer cuts you use the higher your score but if you use too many cuts then you have to redo the level.

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